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Glitter Cow Spots Nintendo Switch Case


Glittery cow-themed Switch case with matching Joycon cases! The back features black and white glitter for the spots and is framed with black pearls.

This case is a hard, clear case that comes in five pieces: a front and back shell for each Joycon and a back shell for the console. Due to the added thickness of glitter and non-toxic gloss topcoat, the back case may not be dockable. It is not recommended that you dock your Switch with the case on as it may damage the case and/or the screen. However, the back case is easy to remove and the Joycon cases are dock compatible.

Please note: the candy pixel dust plug charm shown in the photo does not come with the case, but it can be purchased separately.

Contact with alcohol will dull the gloss finish. After using hand sanitizer, please make sure your hands are completely dry before handling your Switch case.

Out of stock

Out of stock

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